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Graduate-level Writing The difference between undergraduate and graduate-level writing is the difference between student and scholar. While assignments may still serve as the impetus for writing, the ideas and arguments you write about should strive for wider relevance. As a . Graduate Level Writers. If you decide to appeal to our masters, you will be provided with competent services at the most reasonable prices. Eid al-Fitr Allah has made two Eids for Muslims, Eid al-Fitr, which begins on the first day of the month of Shawwal and Eid al-Adha, which begins on the tenth of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah. /5(3). Use this informative graphic to better understand the se different expectations: Undergraduate vs. Graduate Writing When you’re ready, be sure your writing meets the expectations of the graduate level by reviewing the Scholarly Writing Guidelines. Samples and Resources.

10 Tips for Graduate Level Writing for Academic Papers

The primary thrust of GraduateWriter. We are also equally adept graduate level writers revising drafts of any and all such projects, and can perform everything from a light edit to a major rewrite. If you are still working your way through your coursework, don't worry! We can help you with research papers, case studies, critiques, and other shorter graduate-level works.

We now offer a complete range of services geared toward the distance learner. If you need help with your online courses, ask us how we can be of service. An argument could be made that admissions essays are graduate level writers the most important documents graduate students are expected to produce.

Without an excellent, attention-grabbing admissions essay, entrance to graduate school is far from a done deal, even when all other areas grades, volunteer activities, and so forth are right in line to ensure admission. University committees want to see that students are able to articulate their personal strengths, as well as academic and even professional compatibilities, in a concise document that answers a specific, standard prompt - and they expect excellence in that document.

The academic writers at GraduateWriter, graduate level writers. Business plans are the cornerstone of any new business venture, whether entrepreneurial or an addition to an existing firm. Learning how to write a business plan is, therefore, an integral part of every reputable business school.

Yet they are daunting in nature, to say the least. The most bare-bones of business plans can contain pages, while more comprehensive ones are much longer, containing pages upon pages of budgets, projected budgets, earnings predictions, market studies, and so forth. There are templates online that can help, graduate level writers, but they too can be confusing - not to mention the fact that someone has to fill in all of the blanks.

Let us help you with your business plan, either the graduate level writers you need for class or the one you need for your new business. A capstone project is roughly analogous to a thesis, in the sense that it is completed at the end of the master's level round of coursework and is intended to show mastery of the graduate level writers being studied. Capstone projects differ from theses, though, in that they incorporate more "real world" experience and action into their preparation and completion.

For that reason, they tend to be used in disciplines ranging from the social sciences to public health administration. Put simply, a philosophy major will most likely need to complete a thesis while a graduate level writers teacher might well complete a capstone project intended to display real-classroom knowledge and expertise.

The writers at GraduateWriter are well acquainted with capstone projects and are here if you need us. Speaking of real world experience, few classroom endeavors mimic the real world like a case study. Whether you're a nursing student or a business student, graduate level writers, you will almost definitely encounter a few case studies in your academic career.

The idea is simple. For example, a business case study might show how Starbucks rose to its current position; alternatively, another business case study might give the particulars of a thorny managerial situation with no real resolution presented. The student is then asked to analyze, evaluate, and give recommendations in response to the text. Case studies are harder than they appear - graduate level writers us help with them.

If you're familiar with the process of applying to graduate school, you know that your application graduate level writers resemble a small book when all is said and done. It only makes sense to cap off the pile of documents with a cover letter introducing yourself, graduate level writers, explaining why you're an excellent candidate to the school, and making some sense of the packet of information.

A cover letter is just the thing to accomplish this. It's not an admissions essay, nor a letter of intent, but rather a brief, succinct, well-written paragraph or two that acts as an abstract for your admissions packet.

Such letters are challenging to write; this is another area in which a professional writer can come in handy. Everyone knows what a dissertation or thesis is, but few people really understand the depths of work associated with completing one.

Because a dissertation or thesis requires that the student complete original research, and because such research can be daunting given that most masters and doctoral-level students have not completed their own major research projects before this pointcompleting either one can feel like an insurmountable goal.

Dissertations and theses are also lengthy documents - anywhere from pages is typical. That much writing in itself is extremely difficult. Finally, dissertation and thesis committees are notorious for making the process as difficult as possible - not because they are sadistic, but because they need to be sure that students are truly learning what they need to learn.

Rather than be scared by the process, get help to ensure you come through it with your sanity intact. Are you one or two chapters into your dissertation or thesis but experiencing serious writer's block as far as finishing graduate level writers is concerned?

Conversely, are you confident that you can complete your dissertation or thesis yourself as long as someone gets you started? Because graduate level writers dissertations and theses are long, and because they are broken into chapters, it is relatively easy for us to assist you with just part of your process if that is best for you.

Contact us to find out how we can help with just a few chapters of your dissertation or thesis. A well-written abstract is like a well-written summary: extremely useful and able to stand alone as a document unto itself, but extremely difficult to write. This is for all the obvious reasons, including most importantly the fact that choosing which details to include and which to discard is a tricky.

This is particularly true when one is writing an abstract for one's own dissertation or thesis, graduate level writers. It's a bit like editing one's own work: you've looked at it so many times that you don't see your own mistakes anymore. What might seem to be common knowledge in your dissertation or thesis and thus excludable can in actuality simply be something with which you are very familiar, but no one else knows.

On the other hand, you might be compelled to include in your abstract certain facts that, while you find compelling, are not truly at the core of your work.

Allow one of the highly skilled, objective writers at GraduateWriter to assist you with this very important document. The introduction to a dissertation or thesis serves a few functions. Graduate level writers, it introduces the reader to the general topic at hand, as well as the approach which will be taken to investigate said topic.

Third, it gives the reader sufficient background information so that the topic and approach make sense, but not so much that it graduate level writers the literature review. Accomplishing all of these tasks in a relatively short chapter - and doing so in a lively style, with relevant content - is difficult, graduate level writers. Let GraduateWriter know if you need help kicking off your dissertation or thesis.

Not all research projects involve hypotheses. Some are more exploratory in nature, seeking to describe a particular phenomenon without directing or inhibiting the search the way one or more formal hypotheses do. However, many qualitative, graduate level writers, and most quantitative, research designs call for the formulation of hypotheses. While most thesis- and dissertation-level students know what their hypotheses are, that does not mean they know the best way to word them.

And yet until and unless well-crafted hypotheses are in place, the research cannot proceed. Graduate level writers flounder under the pressure of writing two or three sentences, critical though they are. Let us know if you need help, and we will be there. The literature review is generally the longest chapter in a dissertation or thesis. Every study needs to establish its foundation, and this is where that is done, even if the foundation for the research is the fact that little other research into the particular area has been done.

Once the foundation is established, the literature review also helps to identify the gaps in the literature which the student is hoping to close by conducting the study. Completing a literature review in itself can be exhausting.

The process involves wading through sometimes thousands of articles in order to choose the best fifty to one hundred for the current study. Then each article must first be read, graduate level writers, understood, and summarized so that second, it can be combined with others to really synthesize the material, graduate level writers.

The flow of the review should be such that it is not a laundry list of articles but rather a graduate level writers stream of information leading in a particular direction; namely, that of the heart of the dissertation. Be sure you are on point with this critical chapter of your dissertation or thesis, graduate level writers, and get professional help if you need it.

Although it is generally short, the methodology chapter of the dissertation or thesis is the key to understanding the entire study.

The reader must be able to see and understand the research design: its structure, graduate level writers details, and its justifications. While the graduate level writers review chapter lays the foundation for the study, the methodology chapter explains the study itself, graduate level writers. Its location after the literature review ensures that the reader has a context in graduate level writers to place the design.

Key to this chapter are succinct prose, on-point language, and a clear, active voice. Do not be deceived by the relative shortness of this chapter, and get help from GraduateWriter if you are struggling to communicate the gist of your research design. Once data have been collected, graduate level writers, they need to be analyzed using the tests discussed in the methodology.

Without performing scientifically-grounded statistical tests upon data sets, it is not possible to be able to conclusively state anything about said data sets one way or another. This is not just true for quantitative data; qualitative data as well need to be analyzed using such methods as thematic analysis to determine any patterns that might exist.

Whatever the particular analyses that are being performed, this is a lynch-pin chapter for your dissertation or thesis. This is where you either support or refute your hypothesis; this is where you show what you have learned. Be sure your writing is clear, complete, understandable, and coherent, and be sure to get professional writing assistance if you have any difficulties.

Once you collect your data, you must analyze them. This means that any necessary statistical tests which were outlined in your methodology need to be performed, and the results gathered into a coherent format, graduate level writers that some sense can be made of the work. Graduate level writers is important to remember that this chapter is not the place for any kind of discussion of the results.

Rather, it is where the results are presented, absent any commentary from the dissertation or thesis author, so that the reader can literally see what was discovered during the data collection component of the project.

GraduateWriter can quite often help with this portion of the work - ask us if we can help with your particular dissertation or thesis. This is the place for the researcher to make sense of the results.

This is either done in the context of the hypotheses or, if no hypotheses were used, in the context of the other aims of the study. Were any tests significant and, if so, what does that mean in relationship to the hypotheses?

If one or more graduate level writers were supported by the data analysis, what does that mean in relationship to the current literature on the subject if there is any? What do the results mean in the bigger picture? These are some of the areas covered in the discussion chapter of dissertations and theses. It can be difficult to thoroughly discuss results both in themselves and also in the context of the broader literature base, so please don't hesitate to reach out for help if necessary.

This is the "so what" chapter of the dissertation or thesis. So you got the results you did. So you synthesized and analyzed those results as far as possible. But what does it mean? Why should anyone care? Here is where you get to justify all of your hard work.


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Helping students with graduate-level writing assignments. The primary thrust of is preparing model theses, dissertations, capstone projects, action research projects, and other similar large-scale works for graduate students who have completed . Graduate Level Writers. If you decide to appeal to our masters, you will be provided with competent services at the most reasonable prices. Eid al-Fitr Allah has made two Eids for Muslims, Eid al-Fitr, which begins on the first day of the month of Shawwal and Eid al-Adha, which begins on the tenth of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah. /5(3). Graduate-level Writing The difference between undergraduate and graduate-level writing is the difference between student and scholar. While assignments may still serve as the impetus for writing, the ideas and arguments you write about should strive for wider relevance. As a .