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Read our green roof case studies, covering topics ranging from the planning, execution, and upkeeping of green roofs, and more. Solar Garden Roof Study The Podium Case Study ( KB) The Podium Roof Garden in Torronto, Canada acts as a sample of a green roof designed and constructed in a mistaken fashion. Its roofscape is largely a field of black tar surfaces that soak up sun and shed stormwater to the pavement the summer of , COOKFOX decided to set a greener, healthier example with a roof that absorbs stormwater, fights the urban “heat island” effect that burdens the city’s energy infrastructure, and benefits both the local. Roofmeadow green roof system design and installation. With over 10 years of excellence, Roofmeadow (formerly Roofscapes) is the North American leader in green roofs. View Case Study Penn State University Brandywine Orchard Hall, Media, PA - Roofmeadow - Green roofs. For .

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You green roof case study have to water and weed a green roof. New green roofs should be watered until the plants are established, and it is important to weed green roofs several times a year to keep the plants healthy. Courtesy of the City of Chicago. The green roof on the Chicago City Hall building was installed as part of a Environmental Protection Agency study and initiative to reduce the urban heat island effect in the city and improve air quality.

The one—block wide, twelve—story building had a substantial roof area that was ideal for planting and data collection. The green roof only covers the City Hall half of the City Green roof case study Building, allowing for comparative testing of the green roof and traditional roof. Plantings are set back from the roof to limit visibility from the street below and allow access for maintenance of the building facades, green roof case study.

As a semi—intensive green roof, a combination of 20, herbaceous plants, shrubs, and 2 trees were planted. The growing medium varied from a depth of 3 inches for the extensive plantings to 24 inches for the intensive plantings, and the semi—intensive areas averaged 8 inches in depth. Sedums and grasses were planted in the extensive areas, shrubs and deeper rooted plants in the semi—intensive areas, green roof case study, and the two trees in the deepest, green roof case study, intensive areas.

The intensive areas were installed on cantilevered platforms over structural columns to support the additional weight.

Portions of the roof that were not planted are used to collect rainwater for periods of drought which is stored in two gallon cisterns. A supplemental irrigation system was used to establish the plants and can provide further supplemental water during periods of extreme drought.

Initially the city wanted to make the green roof accessible to building users. Despite the height of the building, the very low parapets meant any railing, if not set green roof case study from the parapet, would be highly visible as well as pose safety concerns.

A railing set further back from the edge of the roof would have also reduced the area available for the green roof.

Currently the green roof is only accessible for maintenance. A variety of plantings were used on the green roof of Chicago City Hall. Hot Topics.


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green roof case study


Nov 29,  · Learn the steps to creating a successful commercial green roof - concept, design and maintenance. Commercial Green Roof Case Study AB Canada Nestled in the Oldman River valley in Lethbridge Alberta, the green roof on the Helen Schuler Nature Centre (HSNC) has been attracting local and international attention fro Author: Michael Magnan. King County Green Roof Case Study Report King County Department of Natural Resources & Parks Section1 – Introduction Prepared by Paladino and Company Inc. 2 Green Roof This study provides detailed information on the green roof design. access the roof terrace. Benefits of Green Roof: • The green roof at 10 Queen Street Place was designed purposely to provide an amenity for the people who work there. Research has shown having access to open green space can reduce stress and have a positive impact on human health.