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The main cause of unemployment is the repaid growth of populations. Since independence the populations of India has increased by threes times its total. When people multiply, there raises the problems of unemployment and it becomes difficult for government to provide employment to a sufficient number of people. Aug 02,  · An essay is a type of paper that requires a concise and narrow topic, such as, for example, “the impact of unemployment on the mentality of children in the USA.” 2. Do your research. Unemployment Essay 5 ( words) Unemployment is a grave issue. There are a number of factors that lead to it. Some of these include lack of proper education, lack of good skill set, inability to perform, lack of good employment opportunities and rapidly increasing population.

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Unemployment is the one constant throughout history. Despite changing technology, the underlying principles of why unemployment occurs remain the same. The three main causes of unemployment are economic conditions, new technology, and increasing populations, unemployment essay.

Economic conditions are the main factor in unemployment. The economic crash caused unemployment to rise dramatically, and the same has been true of every economic slump throughout history. An economic crash causes businesses to fold and posts to disappear. Once a company fails to pay its employees unemployment essay has no choice but to let them go.

Sometimes, it reduces its size in waves of redundancies or it simply shuts down, unemployment essay. New technology also has an impact. As conventional tasks become more automated and more convenient, some employees find their posts obsolete. With no reason to continue paying them, unemployment essay, they unemployment essay their jobs as the job simply disappears.

Workers fought against the introduction of threshing machines which would make many traditional jobs disappear. In the 21st century, the main threats are robotics and unemployment essay intelligent computers. Professional filing systems which require teams of people to maintain are now on a single computer server controlled by a single person, unemployment essay. This is the form of unemployment which happens during prosperous times when companies can afford to invest in new technologies.

Increasing populations often lead to unemployment at a slower rate. The numbers of unemployed have increased over the past few decades as the population has accelerated. To an extent, unemployment essay, the increasing demand for goods and trade balances out the population increase, but businesses often fail to deal with the short-term consequences.

It will take at least 20 years before the economy needs to respond to growing demand. There are simply not enough employment roles for the number of applicants. New technology and an increasing population generally go hand-in-hand. The rescinding in the number of roles from multiple sides overwhelms the employment market and we finish with a shortfall in jobs.

Unemployment seems like a complicated issue as unemployment essay attempt to take complicated formulae into account. Poor economic conditions, new technological advances, and an increasing population have and unemployment essay will continue to perpetuate the problem of unemployment.

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unemployment essay


The objective of this paper is to explore the problem of unemployment in the United States. Despite being the world’s superpower, there are so many people in the US who are unemployed. Wassel () reveals that there are about million American who are jobless. Aug 10,  · Unemployment Essay. Unemployment is a worldwide curse. It is recognized as the mother of courtliness ills. It encourages dishonesty, corruption and falsehood. It develops dark side of human character. There are different causes of unemployment like poverty, overpopulation, in-effective education system and industrial Rizwan. Aug 02,  · An essay is a type of paper that requires a concise and narrow topic, such as, for example, “the impact of unemployment on the mentality of children in the USA.” 2. Do your research.